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     Transformer Oil Test


Our Lab equipped with advanced techniques needed to test Oil Transformers which indicates any slight of potential problem related to the condition of the transformer.  We enforce rigorous and restricted measurements when it comes to test Oil in Transformers to performing oil quality analysis for: moisture, dielectric strength, power factor, interfacial tension, neutralization number, and color.

Dissolved gas analysis is performed to evaluate and monitor operating conditions of transformers. It provides information relating to the formation of gases which indicate localized over heating and under oil arcing problems of the oil used to insulate and cool transformers.

Short Term benefits of regular oil analysis

There are five key areas in which a regular oil analysis, condition monitoring program will benefit your company in the short term:

  •  Save unnecessary oil changes

Only changing the oil when necessary will save you downtime and therefore be of huge financial benefit. You will also be saving a depleting natural resource and, most importantly, un-necessary oil changes means lost evidences of plant condition.

  •  Assist in finding developing faults at an early stage

Finding developing faults at an early stage is essential to avoiding failures of critical plant which is not only expensive to replace, but will also save you in lost production and avoid penalty clauses for downtime.

  •  Assist in determining oil quality

Plant failure is often due to defective or incorrect oil use. Regular oil analysis will assist in determining the quality of the oil.

  •  Assist in isolating faults on broken plant

You will be able to carry out more time efficient repairs if the faults on the broken plant have been identified prior to plant shutdown.

  •  Act as an audit tool

Regular oil analysis means plant owners can monitor the maintenance work of external contractors.



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